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July 3, 2018
By Mark Berman

Sometimes, to make your way in a local music scene, it helps to have experience on both sides of the industry. Such is the case for a few of us at the Music League, including Enzo Fuentes. In addition to being brought on to run the recently-launched Inland Empire branch, Fuentes has built up some local buzz of his own fronting hard rock quintet From Zero 2 Hero. Here, he talks about their upcoming album Heroic Tendencies (full release TBA), as well as one piece of advice for other artists looking to strengthen their following.

How would you like to describe From Zero 2 Hero’s overall sound/themes/ideas to someone that asks? What’s your elevator pitch?

Fuentes: Basically, with our band, we promote positivity. We want to help the people that don’t have a voice. Help them step up to the plate, you know? We offer positive reinforcement, just to let them know “you’re not alone.” We’ve gone through trials and tribulations with our music, and music tells a story. We just like teaching a lesson, so people don’t have to buy that. We get a lot of comparisons to like Silverstein, A Day to Remember, Static Lullaby, something along those lines. Like a little emo/screamo-type stuff, with a little pop-punk element.

With that hybrid sound, is there a big range of tastes coming into the mix between the 5 of you?

Fuentes: We collectively like the brand of music we’re doing because we grew up on it. The early-00s, late-90s type rock. You know, Taking Back Sunday, Story of the Year, some Glassjaw, stuff like that. We all used to goof around, skateboard, that’s what we listened to growing up. It’s the component makeup of what From Zero 2 Hero is. It’s just great to have five guys that all like a very similar style of music. Of course, we all have our other tastes, but collectively, this genre we’re all doing, we all love it.

You’re definitely establishing a sound from what we’ve heard so far. What song would you call the biggest departure on the album and how did it come together?

Fuentes: Our last song, it’s called “Instead of Letting Go.” It’s an acoustic ballad-type song. It’s just basically pouring your heart out. It’s just like, the person that you’re supposed to be with and… everything else. Right person, wrong time, you know? And it was a real emotional track. We have another song, “From Exes to Ashes,” but that was a little more ambient-sounding, a little heavier. This one in particular, “Instead of Letting Go,” is just more acoustic and more in the feels. You just gotta check it out, man.

Earlier this year, you guys held your own festival, Be a Hero, which you made happen through your strong local following. What do you wish more bands would do to engage with their fans in that same way?

Fuentes: Just communicate with them, on all aspects of the different social platforms. We’re a band and we’re trying to get our music out, and you’re trying to go out and reach different people and touch different people. How are you gonna do that if you’re just gonna be constricted? What we try to do over here at Zero, we have Twitter, we have your Instagram, we have your Facebook, we got your Snapchat. We have whatever needs to be communicated so you can always have access to us. And you can also contact us on our website.

That’s what more bands need to start doing is opening themselves up. If you wanna get seen and you wanna get picked up and you wanna get looked at and you want devoted fans, you gotta set yourself up in a position where you can get explored and get found. What we can do also, you can always funnel it to your more dominant social platform site. It just takes a little bit of time to do that. But everything links nowadays, everything links to one another. So take advantage of that, because you’re limiting yourself if you’re only going to one area.

So, besides the release of Heroic Tendencies, what do we have to look forward to in the world of From Zero 2 Hero for the rest of 2018?

Fuentes: You’re gonna see us coming out with some new singles, we have a few videos that we’re working on right now. We’re gonna be strategically laying them out periodically throughout the year. We’re thinking about doing another Be a Hero toward the end of this year. It’s still up in the air, you know what I mean? But it’s just, you know, the coordination and the type of talent we have on this one is just so encouraging, and it’s just so positive, that you just wanna go put forth that effort to do it again. And just put a platform out here for this local music scene that we’re trying to do.

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